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No Rubbish

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NO RUBBISH - tarjoaa hollantilaisia huippumausteita ja kastikkeita


Welcome to No Rubbish, the home of freshly made, lip-smacking delicious

BBQ products - In small runs and handcrafted with passion. Proud to be Dutch!

No Rubbish brings the authentic taste of the deep South America to the European barbecue with only the freshest ingredients. By

mixing extremely high quality herbs and spices, our aim is to give your

meat, chicken, vegetables or fruit the boost they deserve. We supply BBQ rubs, BBQ sauces and BBQ olive oil.

Tested by the best Grillmasters in the Netherlands

We have had our BBQ products intensively tested by the best Grillmasters in the Netherlands. We do not compromise on quality.

Highest quality ingredients

No Rubbish uses only the highest quality herbs, oil and spices, sourced responsibly from all over the world. Very carefully tested & packaged for great taste. The BBQ products are all gluten and MSG free.

Developed, tested & packaged in the Netherlands

We are proud to say that our products are 100% developed, tested and packaged in the Netherlands. Proud to be Dutch!

Lip smacking delicious premium BBQ products

From sweet and spicy to smoky and briny, our BBQ products are tenderly crafted to make the dishes taste so much better.

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